Commisions are open!

I'm back in the business again! Just like the title says, now I accept translation commissions! I'm still a beginner, so my rate is quite cheap. It would be 0.75$/page for a standard 24-page doujin. Although it could increase depending on the difficulty. Just send me an email at ntrpanda@gmail.com or message me at discord:… Continue reading Commisions are open!


[Torotaro] Risou no Ryuugakusei (COMIC Anthurium 2019-08) [English] [ntranslation] [Digital]

Oh boy, he's just like the reverse of Ken-sama Hey, I'm back with another translation! Torotaro is really a great artist and I've been planning to translate more of their work. Anyway, you could download it here: MEGA Or read it online: e-hentai Also, please visit my ko-fi page (and buy me a ko-fi, ideally… Continue reading [Torotaro] Risou no Ryuugakusei (COMIC Anthurium 2019-08) [English] [ntranslation] [Digital]


[Turiganesou] Hajimete no… (Hijitsuzaisei Shoujo) [English]

A new translation is up! If you remember my translation from last month...Turiganesou just came up with even better story (IMO). A mix of vanilla, with that bitter feeling of NTR. Don't worry, it's not that kind of "Congrats, your gf just got stolen" stories...however it's so natural that some of you might think..."hey that… Continue reading [Turiganesou] Hajimete no… (Hijitsuzaisei Shoujo) [English]


[Chimple Hotter] Issho no Chikai (ANGEL Club 2019-03) [Digital]

A new translation! This is such a unique story, I think people that like NTR might appreciate this too. Also, a wise man once said: "What does cuck you, makes you stronger. " Em...I mean, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", but this work for me too. Reading NTR/Cheating doujin really activates my brain… Continue reading [Chimple Hotter] Issho no Chikai (ANGEL Club 2019-03) [Digital]

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[Turiganesou] Ominaeshi (COMIC KOH 2018-10)

Another translation is done! I hope you guys enjoy this bitter-sweet love story by Turiganesou. His art is so wonderful (and really easy to clean so I had a lot of fun translating it). Edit: MugiBoogie did an amazing job on proofreading, cleaning and even editing (including redrawing). The result is far better now! Much… Continue reading [Turiganesou] Ominaeshi (COMIC KOH 2018-10)

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[Monorino] Makasete Hoshii (COMIC HOTMILK 2019-06)

My first translation is finally finished. After a long period of procrastination, I've finally got back into my translation backlog. There are several others untranslated doujin that I've been working on, so expect more ntr doujins (and other genre) coming in this month. Also, thanks to anon at /ntr/ general who helped me to proofread… Continue reading [Monorino] Makasete Hoshii (COMIC HOTMILK 2019-06)